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sweetiecamp by hip-indeed sweetiecamp by hip-indeed
week 90 of :iconmlp-atg-alumni:. theme was to draw a pony camping.

i... wow. this has been a big deal of a week, starting a very hardcore (compared to anything i've done before) eating/exercise plan, spring coming, daylight savings existing, and lots of huge things happening between me and some friends, on top of having to babysit basically two entire days, doing pretty much every indoor and outdoor chore for everyone as my mom's place, and i could go on and on. and then, i just *couldn't* think of anything for this theme -- for some reason i REALLY WANTED to do something super clever and showcase my recent upturn in art quality and all that, but it just didn't happen.

so here i am on a sunday, kinda sick and uncomfortable, quickly doodling out sweetie belle in a tent.
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HeFFatos Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You may not be satisfied with the quality of this work, but I personally think it turned out pretty good. I see some really good and clever new techniques and now it's time to analyze them just a bit.

I like the idea of a pony lying in a micro tent. It looks very cute.
I would like to point out you've made a simple, but well-made and good to eye ground background. There is also a subtle attempt in creating the feeling of grass. I'm not sure about the eyes, but I think I don't like this style after thinking about it more. It reminds me of animaniacs, don't know why (not that it is a bad cartoon, just saying). The tent looks good too and the pose is (as always) well-done, but what I really like here (I rushed it just to say that) is her hair. That is just what makes this drawing not usual. That's called experimenting and you're doing it very well here. They look awesome and if you find them pleasureable to draw, draw them please like that :). Gosh, I really have an urge to post a spam line "omgthishairlookssoperfect!", but I'll keep it to myself eventually.

Every single drawing gives you an experience, especially now that you experiment even more on different aspect of drawing things - backgrounds, shadows, eyes and those wonderful hair.

And I can't hold it anymore now and must mention it - the pentagrams in the looks like you're an object of an interest of a satan :).
hip-indeed Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I do actually like that background, it's just marred by that ugly tent so much. If only I'd have manned up and done this pic any sooner than literally an hour before it was due I'd have made it so much better so easily just by fixing the tent's colors and maybe doing some extremely simple shading and such but I just couldn't, I was feeling really terrible at the time anyway and wanted to rush the drawing out. So... excuses, excuses.

But yes, experimenting is fun and I like to do it and I'm glad you think it's a good thing, but I have so much BASE KNOWLEDGE stuff I need to do, with actual art lesson crap and anatomy crap and all this other crap like that that I just have no willpower to even do at all, and just doing nothing but experimenting forever without learning foundations won't get me anywhere... but oh well.

And the 'pentagrams' in the skies, I dunno if you're just joking around or what but in America drawing a star like that is something a kid would do to make a simple star shape easily, and they were done like that on purpose not only to do them quickly but to give it more of a 'kid' look / feel. In fact when I first thought of this piece I wanted to do it extremely whimsically with an even cuter Sweetie in a more fun-looking tend on top of a cartoonishly bulbous hill with the sky full of weird little crayon-looking doodles like that, but of course with my time limit I ended up lowballing it a lot.
ABronyAccount Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
Looks like she didn't fully inflate Rarity's portable palace.
aj0joe Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
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March 17, 2013
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