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jump way high by hip-indeed jump way high by hip-indeed
week 87 of :iconmlp-atg-alumni:. theme was to draw a pony ascending.

I just drew sad-pinkamena, now have some not-so-sad-pinkamena. blame it on the finale displaying her wonderfully in all her brightly-colored glory; sure, she was frustrated with things on the farm, but she wasn't all heartbroken like in Party of One! She was.. a lot more like a continuation of the small Pinkamena we saw that Pinkie existed as before she found her talent, except all grown up. It was really cute.

Anyway, imagine a super mega trampoline launching her up to the heavens. For whatever reason. Probably to visit Dash. Though she looks so happy here, like she's just doing it for fun to get away from everything and feel that high-altitude air in her mane. Who knows. Regardless, I tried out a style of rounder, softer-looking hooves, and I really like it -- I'll probably be practicing that kind of thing with ponies now. Also, is that some unbelievably minimalistic early attempt at shading I see? Maybe.

In other news, I've been thinking lately, and I really feel like I have to start focussing on my own motivation to do art -- I weant to be doing a *lot* more than one complete piece a week, more of a combination of traditional and digital, and a lot more sketchy, fun stuff rather than this weird, low-level attempt at 'a complete, colored piece with a background and etc etc' over and over. I want to work on poses and energy and character this-and-that and considering I just made a tumblr at last (I'll link it when there's more of anything on it) I feel like I should move more of my drawing there, or just on paper, and really work on what I *want* to work on. The point is... this ATG stuff has been a huge help for me, and has caused me to grow and work very much, but I'm thinking pretty soon it may be time to move on from it; it tends to have me in this grip where I just think about it, like some project for school I have to get finished or something, rather than something fun I just wanna get right to and have a good time doing; I feel like at least *taking a break* from it for awhile might be good for me, and see what'll happen. I'm thinking either at week 100, or week 104 (so it's a solid two years) I'll move on, unless any of you ponies out there can convince me otherwise, or help me realize a way I can have more fun with it and keep up my tradition of doing every theme on time. It's still months away, so just something to think about, I guess.
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darksoma905 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
The strangest part of looking at this picture is the music I'm listing to.
I'm listing to Awakening By: Mae
HeFFatos Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Also, is that some unbelievably minimalistic early attempt at shading I see?"
<zooms in at 400% (opera browser)>
<adjusting the angle of my laptop display to about 135 degrees to improve the contrast>
Oh, there are some shadow-looking supersubtle colour changes - on her tail, mane and her hooves! Come on, don't be so shy! Don't make the viewer seek for shadows, but to see them! It's actually not so difficult once you do about 10-15 works with them and but trust me - you won't imagine your drawing without them! Remember - in most cases, you can only make the drawing better by adding them. The general rule is simple: as for soft shadows, convex surfaces - the center is brighter than the borders, concave surface - the center is darker than the borders of an object (and here: I've made this: [link] , but of course it's not everything!). Comic shadows are much easier, because you usually do only hard casted shadows.

Drawing more complex works with a lot of experiments really helps to increase your skill. And as for the drawing - it looks very good! Those globular clouds doesn't look concincing though. The effect of freedom is acquired.
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HeFFatos Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually I think the only clouds that look terrible are those perfectly globular ones; the rest, even if not perfect, look good. I'm not sure if you're aiming at show-accuracy or your own style of drawing them, but I think here are good examples of how do they look in the show: [link] [link] [link]

As for shadows, it currently doesn't make any difference, but it's only a matter of time. It's obvious that you can't do something perfectly for the first time - a practice will surely help you make them more visible and just better.

Ultra low-lever garbage? Come on, it's not THAT bad! =D
Actually it's not bad at all! You only focus on the background, but I think the pony looks really good. Her pose and the flow of her body (+ that movement lines at the bottom - I like how they turned out!) gives me an impression of speed and thats she's still flying higher. Her expression is really something like "a freedom!" and I like it too. This effect is strenghtened by the flow of the mane and I see the wind here. Actually I don't see anything wrong with her - he looks perfectly like in the show!

If I had to add something to the existing drawing, it would be an effect of her breaking through this cloud at the very bottom of this work. Just an impression she has bucked this cloud by the mistake - it would be a gread addition. How to do it? I think a perfect solution would be blurring this could and dividing it to smaller parts and making them less visible.

Background are those things you need to practice on and you're right. When I look at your gallery, some of them look very good, but I think it's time to move on and draw something less abstract like a meadow or a forest. It may sound scary as 'you don't know how to do it', but you can only learn by practicing! And if you don't do that, you won't make it better, it's obvious.

What I think is that you're already pretty good at making (but still, there are also purely 3D poses to learn, when you draw a head, make helping likes and draw something that is halves facing the viewer). I know you may see little progress, but I think it's just because you don't challenge yourself much enough. You want to do more "less time consuming" things, but as far as it's good for a quick poses practice, it won't help you create stunning things, because such things require some time to make. So if you want to improve on backgrounds - I challenge you today (and of course - it's optional) - draw a decent outside background with a lot of detail like trees, dead boles, bushes or even leaves if you can (remembering that empty space = bad space). It may take a week, a month or even a year, but no matter how bad it may turn out, you have to do it. You may need a week, a month and it doesn't have to be just-one-work-and-it's-done.
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