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i like crystals, too by hip-indeed i like crystals, too by hip-indeed
week 98 of :iconmlp-atg-alumni:. theme was to draw a pony in peril.

hey, speaking of mineral-themed flat-haired down-in-the-dumps-seeming ponies that actually have great visual designs and seem somewhat underappreciated in the fandom (referring back to my last couple week's inkie/blinkie pieces), have a pre-happiness Crystal Pony

i mean, seriously, i LOVE these characters, especially this 'main' one that we had all the clips and images involving during the summer before season 3 that got a decent amount of attention at that time but has been mostly forgotten since. gosh, she's just so pretty in her design and it's unique enough from other ponies without overdoing it-- basically a different 'sub-race' of earth ponies? I really like how they look better before happiness too, I mean I'm glad they got happy, sure, but when the whole crystal thing's more subdued and they just seem 'crystal-themed' rather than literally made out of crystal, it's just a really nice design, and I honestly wish at least one of them stayed this way even after the curse was broken because it's just their personality or something and they look GREAT like this
but yeah, also Rover; i thought he was great in Dog and Pony Show which is also actually one of my favorite S1 eps even though it seems somewhat divisive among fans, and another lame attempt by me to draw a non-pony creature, ironically in the exact same pose as an earlier piece with Discord... I really need to branch out more...

So I actually feel proud of myself this week... I had a *HUGE* week in which some big, sweeping things in general in my life have been happening (one in particular which, hopefully, will lead to me becoming more apt to focus on my goals and, y'know, actually draw more and better) and every single day has had its own event which has pretty much taken a lot of the day and left me tired? so I had really no expectations of being able to pull this off even remotely as decently as I had it in my head (I had plans to make it even like a really cool old gritty movie poster-styled thing, though I sadly wasn't able to make that happen) but seriously I have no gripes about my laziness or anything this week, I pushed myself more than i usually do with these things, drew a piece with multiple characters one of whom isn't a pony and the pony being in a unique pose from anything I've quite tried before, and overall I think it's just pretty effective and one of my favorites I've done lately.
So, yeah, hope you enjoy, have a nice week, whatever etc.
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maze141 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
"Get your filthy paws of Amber Leaf!!!"
I will kill this Diamond Dog.
ABronyAccount Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
"Crystal slaves!"
"You know, crystal pony to pull cart in our mines!"
"Oh, for a second there I thought you were someone else."
"Haha, you are silly crystal pony!"
"Yeah, silly me! Hahahaha!"
And a good laugh was had by all, and they all lived happily ever after. For a given value of "happily."
hip-indeed Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, just saw this. yes good
though i imagine with the diamond dogs' particular obsession... they'd really love the crystal empire very much, y'know? and probably get along with ol' sombra as well... "DIAMONDSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"
ABronyAccount Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
They could become his mooks! They're independent mooks right now, but at least they'd have full dental and health.
Steelseraph Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
Looks great. :3
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